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    24. 12. 1982
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    Life Outdoors =’s Camo4x4s
    The Story of how Camo4x4s got the Name.
    We ran a Camo Business back in 2005. The business ( Camo4x4, Inc.) due to lack of funding and bad economic times was dissolved. Well, the nickname Camo4x4s pretty much stuck. Since then, Camo4x4s became a youtube partner account in 2006. Since then, our account has raked in over 30 million views and 15k subscribers. We have been featured on the youtube homepage. In 2015 youtube made our videos private for some odd reason. After a 2 year email battle with Partner Support we were finally able to get the videos reinstated but youtube deleted over 5k subscribers. When youtube censored us, we created our own video sharing platform ( so we could never be censored or singled out again. Certainly, now most of our old subscribers are not active anymore and it seems youtube is still censoring our video reach. Our passion for the outdoors has driven most of our content and makes us continue even though we are up against big corporate censorship. If you don’t think that this exists simply google what happened to Alex Jones. Thank you for being a part of our Page and for being here! We will continue to distribute content until we are shut down and the day that happens we will continue on broadcasting on our iJoot website.
    Our Favorite Quote: The end of one adventure only signifies the beginning of another...

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    Greenville (NC, United States)